Is ‘Spornosexual’ The New ‘Metrosexual’? ↘

Whoa! They’re saying that Metrosexual, the term is so 20 years old! Wow. How time flies my dear gorgeous men. So this means, the society is looking at men more on their bare physiques and not with fashion and clothes anymore? I blame the underwear ads here. ;-) But, well we’ll see if these Spornosexual will even last a year. It’s so hard to say it…

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Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Menswear Collection on Style.com: Runway Review ↘

I am in love with this sweater and of course Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 Menswear Collection. I’ve started to be in Wang’s good fashion side these days. No wonder Jay-Z and JT mention him in their music. Check the collection here.

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Chanel on Leading the Trend This Season ↘

Sure, Chanel has been one of the leaders in fashion and trends and Style.Com blogs about the five styling that can become the trend this season. Well, who knows, the harem pants might just be a big thing for the girls. Oh and that hair brooch? hmmmm…What say you?

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Lena Dunham, Why Do I Love Thee?!!! ↘

Lena Duhham, the force behind the success of “Girls" for me is just the archetype of ‘mis-achetypes’ if you get my drift. I commend this lady for just embracing herself, her body and voluptuous wholeness. Huffingtonpost would like to think so too as they call her "badass" with her fashion statements in and out, with or without camera flashes and lights…

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Those FiveFingers--ugh--I can't even say it.... ↘

Vibram, i guess the  company that pioneered that hideous five-finger running contraption or whatever you call it and claimed that it was a healthy alternative to any running shoes just got outed…finally…that it is not! Hello, since when did it become safe to run and hike on your bare feet? Hence they got sued and now news has broken that it will shell out $3.5 million to its consumers….Need I say more? (Photo from ABC7news.Com)

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Fashion 'Voila!' At the Met Gala ↘

It’s all over the web-o-sphere today about Monday’s Met Gala where fashion and celebrities were the apple of media eyes…That Oscar Dela Renta signature as in literally on Sarah Jessica Parker’s black and white ball gown is just screaming Oscar yet beautiful! Lupita Nyongo got a beating from talk show hosts today. The men especially the designers themselves tried very hard to stand out among the gorgeous women at the event. Check out Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs. Handsome ones….

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LaffTime: Well Even A Real Croc Hates 'Crocs' ↘

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Open-ion: Ralph Lauren will win this year’s Ugly Sweater competition for sure. This rack has a lot them here in Macy’s…very reminiscent of this year’s Winter Olympics…What say you?

Open-ion: Ralph Lauren will win this year’s Ugly Sweater competition for sure. This rack has a lot them here in Macy’s…very reminiscent of this year’s Winter Olympics…What say you?

FashionFocuz: Etro Fall 2014 Menswear Collection as Reviewed by Style.Com ↘

I have become a fan of Etro now. I can’t stop looking at those pants—slim and tapered if not skinny. Gone are the days of loose, regular fit and comfort. Believe me, whether your straight, older or not this is the way to go my man!  I swear you will make both men and women swoon!

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Diana Ross, the Definition of a Diva... ↘

Vavavoom at 70!

Huffingtonpost sums up the Diana Ross as the definition of a diva. “As a matter of fact, Merriam-Webster’s dictionary should include a photo of Miss Ross right next to the term.”

We grew up with the timeless icon who still is capturing our hearts to this day.

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Cool Shades of Summer.... ↘

"Maison Martin Margiela has always been a secretive house. Its labels are nothing more than white stitches…" more story on www.style.com

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H&M Pulls Out A Shirt From Rack ↘

Anti-semitic? Offensive? Well that’s what happened here. Big time retail company H&M had done it again all in the name of fashion…

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Barbie's Back to Fashion Roots ↘

Barbie celebrates its 50 years and now she goes back to her roots that is her fashion roots. good job girlfriend!

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A Big Bite for Fitbit--Recall That Is ↘

A friend of mine tried to swoon me to getting a pair of this fitness trend. He showed me his new Fitbit. Very sleek black fitness watch that he claimed could help him watch his fitness routine. However, as he was trying to impress me with this thing, the fitness watch wouldn’t even latch in. I was like, “really? why wouldn’t it fasten?” My friend’s smile turned into a twitch. Now, this recall? Apparently some users had skin irritation and rashes by putting these watches around their wrists. Oh well. I still can’t figure these fitness watches as to why I need to monitor my walk and calorie burns, but that’s just me…

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From L to Z: 'Lawrence Zarian's 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe' by Lawrence Zarian On... ↘

He says he’s walked the walk and now it’s time to talk the talk about his 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe….

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